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6 Ways Speakers Can Use Social Media to Raise Awareness with Michelle Carvill



Social Media Channels Explained in 20 Seconds with Michelle Carvill

Irish Tech News

There’s certainly a lot to learn about the social media channels, from both a strategic and tactical perspective. And of course, as things continuously evolve and change...


Get Social by Michelle Carvill

Book review in The Director

If you're still doubting the importance of social media to your business, GET SOCIAL (Kogan Page, £14.99) may just convince you to emerge from cyber-hibernation...

Article from the Chartered Management Institute


Leading managers explain how and why they have social media accounts

Guest blogger Michelle Carvill

Learning from others is something I invest a good proportion of my time. There’s nothing like hearing real-world experience. And that applies to social media habits of managers too...

Article from SME

What Zuckerberg, Trump and Musk can teach us about social media

Thanks to technology, the way we communicate as a nation has changed significantly. Once upon a time, not that long ago, those leading organisations or indeed countries, would largely sit in an ivory tower...

Article form UK Recruiter

Social media and the importance of tuning into your industry

Literally the only perk of this job, apart from all the lovely people I meet, is that I get sent books.  I do get a LOT of books.  So when the publishers of Get Social: Social Media Strategy and Tactics for Leaders asked me if I wanted to reviews it I had to admit “to read” pile was like the Leaning Tower of Pisa... 

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5 steps to becoming a social media leader

Michelle Carvill, who has provided social media advice and training to organisations including the BBC, LinkedIn and PwC, offers her best tips for becoming more influential in the online world...


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