Praise for #GetSocial

In this meticulously and extremely well-written book, Michelle covers the most important and hitherto totally forgotten part of digital transformation – getting real buy-in and understanding from the C-suite. As a modern business handbook, it covers exactly what even the most technophobic executive needs in order to become a true digital leader. I’ll be sure to give a copy of this to all my clients!

David Taylor, Founder, DNAsix®, author and digital management consultant

I have my finger on the pulse of social media. Nonetheless, I’ve learned so much from this book. Everyone who wants to be anyone on social media needs to read it.

Gordon Beattie, Chairman, Beattie, The Integrated Communications Agency

I’ve got over eighty thousand followers on my social networks, but I’ve learned so much here about how to position myself as a better leader. It’s a no-nonsense gem of a book.

Grant Pierrus, Founder, Interior Style Hunter, and Managing Director of Pierrus Ltd

Get Social is an absolute must for all leaders looking to understand where we are with social and how they can get involved, if they choose to do so.’

Claire Debney, legal strategy consultant and executive coach

This is an outstanding book that covers all the basics for CEOs of companies wanting to lead their organizations on social media. This book tells you want you need to know about the different platforms in terms of audience and effective techniques.

Shireen Smith LLM, Founder, Azrights, and author of Legally Branded

Are you a CEO or Business Leader? We live in social times and it’s time to get Social. Michelle’s book takes you through why and how to get on and master social media. Providing both a strategy and a 90-day plan, it will certainly get you started on your social media journey. Your only risk, of course, is not being there.

Tim Hughes, Co-Founder, Digital Leadership Associates, and author of Social Selling

A compelling business strategy book for leaders on social media. Michelle Carvill helps leaders unlock their untapped source of competitive advantage and how to best communicate it to employees, customers and shareholders.

John Dodds, Senior Member, The Sharp End LLC

Michelle has written a very practical guide for business leaders to get the most out of using social platforms which will benefit both them and their companies. A jargon-free step-by-step approach suitable for the novice and social superstar. Read this book, and be prepared to get started – immediately.

Jasper Martens, VP Marketing, PensionBee

Get Socialshows how social media can create value in many ways across all areas of an organization, debunking the idea that it is a “nice to have” or exclusively for the marketing department. The book has a great balance between the strategic rationale for leaders to invest in social media personally and within their organization, and practical advice on how to most effectively use the different platforms.

Nathan Bray, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, ConnectMyApps

As a digital marketing consultant, there are very few people I would trust to talk to my clients about social media. Michelle is one of them and this book proves why.

David Miles, CEO, The PPC Machine, digital marketing consultant, trainer and author

When it comes to social media, business leaders are great at talking the talk, but few ever carry through. Michelle’s new book, Get Social, tackles this problem head on with a detailed step-by-step process to follow.

Danny Bermant, Founder and Director, Inbox Express, and CIM trainer

Most CEOs know they should be doing it, but often struggle to think of authentic ways to engage with their customers. I think Michelle has done a great job of articulating how to make this happen.Utilising social media effectively and building the personal brand of our CEO is something which is high on our agenda at the moment, and should be for any forward thinking organisation.

Mark Finlay, M&A and Strategy Director, Moneypenny

Finally, a book that provides leaders with not just with the ‘why’ but also the ‘how’ social media can generate ROI across all areas of the business, whilst also equipping them with the tools and knowledge to personally take digital transformation for their business to the next level.

Claire Walker, Group Digital Content Manager for Global IT Recruitment firm

Michelle clearly, and very persuasively, demonstrates why CEOs and Leaders need to embrace the world of social media to communicate and engage with their customers, prospective customers, employees and to authenticate their brand and organisation’s mission. 

I particularly enjoyed learning how the different generations view social media and was even more persuaded by the statistics of those engaging in specific social media platforms. This spectacularly shows how this communication platform cannot, and should not, be ignored! 

The 90-day practical action plan provided leaves CEOs and Leaders no excuse not to pick up the mantle and positively involve themselves in the social media activity for the benefit of their organisations and image.

Tina Dulieu, B.Ed.,DipCEC International Award-winning Business Coach Coaching Dynamics Limited

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